About the Neon Guard


The Neon Guard is a group of volunteer Nashville community members. We promote and facilitate the safety of marginalized communities during direct actions using embodied resistance and nonviolent de-escalation tactics.

Some examples of what we do:
— help with street crossings during marches
— engage counter-protestors to de-escalate
— serve as a buffer between protesters and police, when requested


We envision a world of liberated, powerful communities that are able to express themselves without fear of violent retaliation.
We envision a world where police and prisons are abolished.
Ultimately, we envision a world where our services are no longer needed.


We aim to midwife liberation movements. As companions, we support, witness, and collaborate with marginalized communities to create communities of liberation. We serve as a resource team for our siblings by providing resources, trainings, and our physical presence before, during, and after direct actions.


We seek to be accountable to our collaborating communities, who are usually POC-led and working toward liberation and against systems of oppression. As a result, we value intersectionality, communication, and community care.

We value welcoming people into the movement during direct actions. We also value engagement in conflict with a de-escalating approach. We aim to meet accessibility needs for participants and Neon Guardians, and we aim to honor and centralize differences.